Google AI Approach and Statistical Results of Using Google Applications in Mobile Learning

Huseyin Bicen, Ahmet Arnavut


The aim of this study is to determine the view of students in the Near East University regarding the use of Google applications on mobile learning. A data col-lection tool consisting of 20 items developed by the researchers were used in the study. The cronbach’s alpha rate of the data collection tool was found to be .942 as a result of the applications. General information is provided in the abstract section of the study. In the methods section the age and gender of the students and faculties in which the students are educated in is shown in tables.  The data collected throughout the research is given in the results and discussion section and evaluated by the researcher in the conclusion section. As a result of the research it was concluded that the students have a positive view about the Google Applications in Mobil Education. When the data analyzed statistically it has found that using using Google Applications for students makes the most of the tasks easier to complete. Thus, students saves more time and energy by using this applications. Providing education on using these applications and benefitting from these applications will be good. With the data collected from this study it is aimed to guide other researchers from different universities and countries working on this subject.


Artificial Intelligence; mobile learning; Google applications; technology

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