Emotion Extraction from Facial Expressions by Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Hakan Boz, Utku Kose


Nowadays, there is no application area in which Artificial Intelligence oriented solutions are not employed. It is possible to see its use in even daily life and the solution scope of this scientific field of the future is growing day by day. Because of its great advantages in analyzing the physical world and solving real-world problems, Artificial Intelligence techniques are often employed in different research problems that cannot be solved with traditional computational approaches. In this context, using intelligent systems to understand human features is one of the most popular research interest for recent years. In the sense of the explanations so far, the objective of this study is to introduce a research in which a system that is able to extract emotions from individuals’ facial expressions was designed and developed. In detail, the system considered here a Cascade Feedforward Artificial Neural Network model trained by a recent optimization algorithm called as Vortex Optimization Algorithm. The developed system has been applied to different sets of photos from the literature and positive results were obtained at the final for each different set considered.


facial expression recognition; artificial intelligence; artificial neural networks; vortex optimization algorithm; emotions; neuromarketing

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