Sponsorship, Advertising & Direct marketing

Sponsorship & Advertising policy | 

LUMEN journals use adverts for associated scientific events developed in partnership, such as national and international conferences, world congresses. The content used in adverts comply with transparency, relevance to the publishing scientific topics of interest and are pre-approved by the LUMEN Publishing Boards and LUMEN Conference Center’s Board. Advertisements are not related in any way to editorial decision making and are kept separate from the published content.

LUMEN Publishing operates an online advertising program and accepts sponsors for journals in general in order to fulfill its mission. This policy is intended to provide guidance to advertisers and sponsors and maintain the integrity of the scholarly publishing process.

Advertising space will not be sold nor sponsorship accepted on condition that any influence whatsoever be granted over the editorial process.
All advertising, including advertorials, must be identifiable as advertising and must not be portrayed as editorial content either in format or appearance, and shall not be associated with any LUMEN, or LUMEN journals logo, trademark or other markings.
Advertisements for products, services, and public service messages that compete with the products and services offered by LUMEN Publishing are not eligible. Exceptions may be made and any such decisions will be determined in accordance with the stated review process.
Advertisements of or sponsorship from tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, weapons, gambling or pornography are not eligible.
Advertising must be factually accurate, must not be misleading, and must be in good taste.
Advertising must adhere to international human rights legislation and shall not discriminate on any prohibited grounds.
The fact that an advertisement has previously appeared in a publication, product or service shall not be referred to in collateral advertising.
Upon approval, sponsors will be recognized on the web pages of the journal(s) that their funding is supporting.

Notice of Ad Change/Cancellation
Notice of removal or change of online advertising must be received no later than five business days in advance.

Review Process of advertisers and sponsors
LUMEN Publishing reserves the right to declare final approval of all advertising and sponsorship and the right to reject any advertisement or sponsorship at any time. Ultimate decision-making authority rests with the Editor-in-Chief.
All advertising must meet all applicable standards for advertising under all applicable legislation.

The appearance of advertising or sponsorship in accordance with these policies shall not be considered as a warranty, endorsement of claims made for a product(s) or service(s), or of their effectiveness, quality, or safety, nor an endorsement of a manufacturer, distributor or promoter of a product(s) or service(s) on the part of LUMEN Publishing or its journals.

LUMEN Publishing shall not be liable for any damages, claims, liabilities, costs or obligations or for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind including any claim for commercial or economic loss whether arising in negligence, tort, statute, equity, contract, common law, or any cause of action or legal theory from the use or misuse of the advertising material or sponsorship information that appear, whether such obligations arise in contract, negligence, equity or statute law. No guarantee or warranty is made as to the quality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, appropriateness or suitability of the advertising material or sponsorship information provided.

Direct marketing |
LUMEN uses marketing activities, including solicitation of manuscripts that are conducted on behalf of the journal, in an appropriate, well targeted, and unobtrusive manner. Information provided about the publisher or journal is truthful and not misleading for readers or authors.
We are using the journal system in order to send social media communications, with specific content such as calls for associated scientific events, call for abstracts, call for papers, calls for submissions in specific thematic issues.