Symptomatic Decision Support System for Neurological Disorders

Nitin Balaji Bilgi, Gurusidheshwar M. Wali, Akashta Mense, Priyanka Takkekar, Bhagyashri Yaddi, Sudarshan Patil


Akashta Mense Priyanka Takkekar Bhagyashri Yaddi Sudarshan Patil Students of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MMEC, Belgaum-591113, India

Symptomatic Decision Support System for Neurological Disorders is a web-based decision support system for diagnosis of neurologic disorders. This system uses Web based decision support system by encoding rules of the neurology domain and also by developing a framework to learn from the cases of the patients. This knowledge encoding is essentially the implementation of two artificial reasoning techniques called Case-Based Reasoning and Rule-Based Reasoning. The system will collect rules of the neurology domain expert and also the case history of the patients. The system will use the rules and cases to achieve the objective of assisting the decision-making process for the domain experts. Decision Support System will give the patient a symptomatic diagnostic conclusion. The system will provide case study of patients and also will display results in form of graphs.


decision support system, neurological disorders, neurology

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