A New Challenge for Information Mining

Roberto Paiano, Stefania Pasanisi


In the field of "Data Exploration" many approaches have been developed to solve the problem of management of big data that are also semantically rich. Nowadays, there is a strong need to support the discovery-oriented applications where data discovery is a highly ad hoc interactive process to support the users by assisting the navigation in the data to find interesting objects. In this work starting by a theoretical data exploration system, where we identified the main features that a data exploration system must have to an efficient exploratory experience, we propose a combination of two data exploration techniques faceted navigation and data mining with the aim to improve the discovery information during exploration. This approach is contextualized better in Information Mining. Information mining, in fact, aims at discovering knowledge, i.e. more general patterns within objects or collections of objects.


Data Exploration, Data Mining, Faceted Search, Rich Data Set, Information Mining

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