Micro Learning: A Modernized Education System

Omer Jomah, Amamer Khalil Masoud, Xavier Patrick Kishore, Sagaya Aurelia


Learning is an understanding of how the human brain is wired to learning rather than to an approach or a system. It is one of the best and most frequent approaches for the 21st century learners. Micro learning is more interesting due to its way of teaching and learning the content in a small, very specific burst. Here the learners decide what and when to learn. Content, time, curriculum, form, process, mediality, and learning type are the dimensions of micro learning. Our paper will discuss about micro learning and about the micro-content management system. The study will reflect the views of different users, and will analyze the collected data. Finally, it will be concluded with its pros and cons. 


micro learning, education, knowledge, work-based learning, micro content

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