BRAIN vol. 4 (2013), issues 1-4, first 4 pages

Bogdan Patrut


TABLE OF CONTENTS Sections BRAINStorming and BRAINovations 1. Evolving Spiking Neural Networks for Control of Artificial Creatures 5Arash Ahmadi 2. Artificial Neuron Modelling Based on Wave Shape 20Kieran Greer 3. Brain-Like Artificial Intelligence for Automation – Foundations, Concepts andImplementation Examples 26Rosemarie Velik 4. Performance Analysis of Unsupervised Clustering Methods for Brain Tumor Segmentation 55Tushar H Jaware and Dr. K B Khanchandani 5. High Performance Data mining by Genetic Neural Network 60Dadmehr Rahbari 6. Isomorphism Between Estes’ Stimulus Fluctuation Model and a Physical-Chemical System 71Makoto Yamaguchi 7. Intelligent Continuous Double Auction method For Service Allocation in Cloud Computing 74Nima Farajian, Kamran Zamanifar 8. An Enhancement Over Texture Feature Based Multiclass Image Classification UnderUnknown Noise 84Ajay Kumar Singh, V P Shukla, Shamik Tiwari and S R Biradar 9. Suicide: Neurochemical Approaches 97Ritabrata Banerjee, Anup K. Ghosh, Balaram Ghosh, Somnath Bhattacharya and Amal C. Mondal 10. L1 Transfer in Post-Verbal Preposition: An Inter-level Comparison 125Samira Mollaei, Ali Jahangard and Hemaseh Bagheri Section BRAINotes 11. Looking for Oriental fundamentals Fuzzy Logic 141Ángel Garrido and Piedad Yuste Instructions for authors 146

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