Strategies for Prevention and Management of Burnout Syndrome at the Medical Staff

Cosmina-Alina MOSCU, Iulia CHISCOP, Lucretia ANGHEL, Doina Carina VOINESCU, Iuliu FULGA, Anamaria CIUBARA


Introduction. Burnout syndrome is a complex phenomenon of great magnitude, which occurs in extremely demanding professions emotionally and nervously, with deep echoes in the psycho-affective structure of individuals, which makes its mark on professional life, but also that social. Acknowledging the problem and requesting specialized help remain the first step toward healing.

Material and methods. This article reviews the literature on the discovery of burnout management strategies and its adverse effects. Articles found through this indexed search (PubMed and Google Scholar: 2017-2021) were reviewed and analyzed manually by the authors to identify relevant studies.

Discussions. This study specifically focuses on the strategies that health care workers use to address resource depletion associated with fatigue, reduce work burden, and alter work characteristics to increase motivation.

Conclusions. In order to prevent, manage or treat burnout, it is necessary to recognize the problems that contribute to burnout. Focusing on individual approaches, along with organizational ones, seems to be a promising way to deal with burnout and stimulate a healthier workforce.


mental health, burnout, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, organizational stress

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