The Preparation of Specialists for the Realization of Individual Education Path of Children with Special Educational Needs: Neuropedagogical Aspects



The urgency of the chosen research area is determined by the need to train specialists to work in an inclusive environment. The psychological and pedagogical literature on the functioning of inclusive education is analyzed and the current problems of this process are identified, which require solutions: the absence of principles of psychological and pedagogical support of children in the system of inclusive education; the lack of recommendations for involving parents in the educational process; unpreparedness of high institutions to prepare specialists to work in the conditions of inclusion; the need to update the system of professional training of future teachers taking into account the peculiarities of inclusive education; insufficient study of foreign experience, etc.

Based on generalizations of theoretical analysis and own practical experience the ways of improvement of preparation of specialists for realization of individual educational path of children with special educational needs are substained: the improvement of educational programs of preparation of future specialists for work in the inclusive environment, renovation of the training methods of future teachers factor into neuropedagogical aspects, and also to make opportunities for professional self-improvement of specialists working in an inclusive environment during their professional activities.

The need to take into account neuropedagogical aspects to ensure effective training of specialists to implement the individual educational path of children with special educational needs is based on the specific features of inclusive education, which requires knowledge of cognitive neurology, differential psychophysiology, neuropsychology and the formation of relevant skills.

It seems promising the creation of a pattern for training specialists to implement the individual educational path of children with special educational needs, as well as the organization of a pedagogical experiment to test its effectiveness.


A professional training, institutions of higher education, an inclusive education, the improvement of educational process, an educational program, a psychophysiological development, neuropedagogy

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