Study of the Formulation and Preparation of Chewable Tablets With a Calcium Complex Association and Vitamin D3

Mirela Mitu, Ancuţa Fiţa, Teodora Balaci, Andreea Stănescu, Emma Creţu


The experimental study objective was the development of
chewable tablets with the calcium complex association, the minerals and vitamin D3 for children, subject to the rules as stipulated by the Romanian Pharmacopoeia Xth edition. Generating sources of calcium, used as raw materials in the preparation of these tablets are natural products represented by complex mineral rich in calcium - Lactoval (R) HiCal (ratio of calcium and phosphorus is 2,2:1, report the same as breast milk) and 30% bovine colostrums [1, 3], making the absorption of calcium should be increased. Also, in order to
fix and better absorb calcium in the body was added to make the preparation of these chewable tablets and vitamin D3.
Was chosen as a method of preparing direct compression. Excipients for direct compression are diluents-binder-disaggregated. They are unitary excipients or co-processed products, multi-processed excipients together to meet those properties: microcrystalline cellulose (Vivapur 102) Ludipress, lactose (Tablettose 80), Kollidon CL Isomalt DC 100. Was also added to a lubricant (magnesium stearate) and sweetener and flavoring to carry out the preparation of tablets and after 30 days as provided Romanian Pharmacopoeia Xth and its 2001 supplement, which comprises: organoleptic control, uniformity of weight, strength, disintegration and their friability. Working method chosen and make the appropriate choice leads to tablets in terms of quality standards officinal.


chewable tablets, calcium complex association, vitamin D3, direct compression method

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