The Role of Formative Intervention in Diabetes in Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Maria-Melania LICA, Annamaria PORKOLAB, Irina MUNTEAN, Adriana MIHAI


The children with diabetes mellitus have often difficulties regarding school adaptation and integration, generated largely by the special conditions of the disease. On the other hand, how the child succeds in this adaptation, interferes with the management of chronic disease and the quality of his life.

An important role for the child with diabetes in school is played by the head teachers.The informations about this disease and the attitude towards the children affected by this disease are important variables in this direction.

The objective of our study is improving the teachers knowledge and attitude toward diabetes in children by providing quality information and practical intervention techniques. 86 head teachers from elementary and secondary schools were interviewed regarding their knowledge about diabetes in children, and participated to a formative course about this disease. After their participation in a theoretical and practical training course, their knowledge and their attitude have been improved considerably and the follow-up evaluation (after 3 months) indicated a stability of informations and practical techniques for granting first aid, over time. 

The conclusion is that formative intervention of teachers  is an important step in helping children with diabetes to better school adaptation and, also in improving the quality of their life.


diabetes mellitus; adaptation; quality of life; formative intervention;

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