Violence on Minors in Forensic Medicine

Iuliana Hunea, Manuela Ciocoiu, Nona Gîrlescu, Diana Bulgaru Iliescu


The offense of “ill-treatment of the minor” under Article 197 of the CPC (Civil Procedure Code) has in time been the subject of a non-unitary jurisdictional practice, which in 2009 led to the introduction of an appeal in the interest of the law. The type of offense in this case is impossible to prove without legal medicine and medicine in general because the court could not properly assess the “serious danger”, the ill-treatment of the minor being both a criminal offense and a threat of crime. One of the equivalences in their medical practice is the Silverman Syndrome, which we will present along with a case of parental negligence, this time when the solution of acquittal or conviction lies in the conclusions of the forensic report, then in demonstrating the intention or praeterintentia as forms of guilt by perpetrators by the court.


violence; minors; abuse; neglect

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