BRAND. Broad Research in Accounting, Negotiation, and Distribution

This is the new BRAND: Broad Research in Accounting, Negotiation, and Distribution.

The aim of the journal is to make an agora of different experts in economics, social and political sciences. We expect articles from experts in different scientific and practical fields, like accounting, marketing, management, economics, trade, trade law, finance, operations research, optimization, graph theory, game theory, voting, political communication, sociology etc.

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Vol 4, No 2 (2013): Special Issue: Financial Modeling and Investment Management

This is a special issue with papers on financial modeling, investment management and related topics.

Table of Contents


Using Reporting in the Internal Communication Process of the Company PDF
Cornel Marian Iosif pp. 1-5
About Multi-Heston SDE Discretization PDF
Tiberiu Socaciu, Mirela Danubianu pp. 6-9
A Neuro Solution for Economic Diagnosis and Prediction PDF
Nicolae Morariu pp. 10-18
A Study on the Relationship of Earnings and Cash Flows: Evidence of Finance Sector in Iran PDF
Mahdi Salehi, Mirsohrab Seyedghorbani pp. 19-31
The International Market Retirement Funds - Future Trends PDF
Tudor Colomeischi, Rozalia Kicsi pp. 32-37
Models of Economic Analysis PDF
Adrian Ioana, Tiberiu Socaciu pp. 38-41

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