Importance of Values in Strategic Management: Case of Logistics Sector

Mesut Atasever


It is important that enterprises are strategically managed in order to provide competitive advantage and survive in difficult conditions. Determining, correctly expressing and sharing mission, vision, policies and values based on objectives are among the indispensable concepts and activities of strategic management.

In strategic management, as well as the concept of mission and vision, the concept of value and the correct expression of this concept is important. Because values should not be changed in the long term, should not be changed, not be abandoned, even under adverse conditions.

The purpose of this study is to examine and interpret whether the concept of value is used correctly among other strategic concepts in companies operating in logistics sector. The scope of the study, in Turkey, the companies operating in the logistics sector are the values that they share on their websites. The values shared on the websites of the companies were categorized and the concepts highlighted were identified. For this purpose, expression of shared values Turkey's leading logistics company are captured as data is qualitatively evaluated by content analysis.

According to the evaluations, it is determined that a significant number of enterprises use a large number of non-permanent, copied value expressions, far from ideal value expressions. This means that the enterprises in question are not managed by a real effort, planned strategic management.

It is possible to state that this study is unique in terms of research in the logistics sector. When the study is published, it can be expected to be useful to the top managers of logistics sector and academicians studying in the field of strategic management.


Keywords: Strategic Management; Competition; Strategy; Value; Value Expression.

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