Determination of Brand Value of Foreign Trade Capital Companies in ISE and Sustainability Index and the Effect of Sustainability Index on Brand Value

Samuray Karaca, Ahmet Karaca


Brand value has become an important measure of corporate performance as far as the weekly activity report and the top 100 brand values of the year listed by brand consultancy company Interbrand that are closely monitored. The free market economy offering a wide range of products to consumers, preferences changing very quickly and brand value giving confidence to the consumer reveal the significance of the subject. Brand value is important not only in terms of the consumer but also in terms of investors and management. It is foreseen that the companies will have sustainable growth by providing continuity and make a difference in line with the importance given to this subject.

The aim of this study is to determine the brand value of Foreign Trade Capital Companies in the BIST and Sustainability Index by Hirose method and to compare the effect of sustainability index on brand value. Data required to determine the brand values of companies were taken from the Public Disclosure Platform, which includes financial statements of companies.

Keywords: brand value; HIROSE; foreign trade; sustainable index.

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