Digital Outing Confidence as a Mediator in the Digital Behavior Regulation and Internet Content Awareness Relationship

Dana Rad, Daniel Dixon, Gavril Rad


The public digital outing refers to people creating and sharing personal information over the social media platforms. This specific digital outing behaviour is none of the less uniquely vulnerable to the negative effects of the digital public, triggering the individual's digital self-confidence injuring, and negatively impacting individual’s digital outing confidence. Starting from the assumption that the digital outing confidence might mediate the association between the IV internet content awareness and the DV digital behavioural regulation, we have investigated this relationship under a micro research driven from the database collected under the Erasmus+ project Hate’s Journey. Our team has designed an 18 items online questionnaire composed by single items measures, testing different opinions and perceptions related to the digital behaviour construct. Project team has collected 206 valid responses from resident individuals of Spain, Romania, Turkey and Latvia. Results confirm the partial mediation of digital outing confidence in the digital behaviour regulation and internet content awareness relationship. Conclusions and implications are discussed.


Digital outing confidence; digital behavioural regulation; internet content awareness; mediation

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