The Influence of Employee Attractiveness on Service Recovery Paradox: Facial Recognition and Eye Tracker Analyses

Erdoğan Koc, Hakan Boz, Burcin Boz


This study aims to explore the influence of employee attractiveness on service recovery paradox by using Eye Tracker and Facial Recognition Software.  Based on two service recovery scenarios an experiment was carried out with the participation of 20 subjects in Turkey. In the experiment participants’ pre-and post-satisfaction levels before the service failure and after the service recovery attempt have been measured. The participants were also asked to respond to Likert type questions to explain to explain how they felt about the service encounter they were exposed to in the scenarios.  The analysis of data showed that although attractiveness reduced the negative of the responses, increased interest in the attractive service employee.  However, the results showed that in both scenarios (with attractive and less attractive service employee photos) the service recovery paradox did not occur.


Service Failure; Service Recovery Paradox; Artificial Intelligence; Hospitality; Facial Recognition; Eye Tracker

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