Solving QR Code Distortions using a Recursive-based Backtracking Algorithm

Kishor Datta Gupta, Stefan Andrei, Manjurul Ahsan


Quick Response (QR) codes are getting widely popular as the demand for mobile computing is increasing, too. However, a QR code has apparently a data limit problem when we consider designing color QR codes. Despite having color QR codes decoding from printed material, new problems appear due to different printer’s color depth, paper quality, environmental effect, dust, light glare and other environmental effects. In our model, we proposed a new algorithm to find an area consisting of several bit positions. We have applied an area-based bit detection method based on the percentage of the color level instead of the general binary color bit detection system. This is independent of the printer and the printed substances effect. There is no need for the color correction palette. Based on our experimental results, our findings demonstrate that we can produce a better result without having any image filtering first.


QR Code; Image Processing; Backtracking Algorithm Distorted Image; Uneven Light

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