Virtual General Physician System using Artificial Intelligence

Saleem Ahmed, Naveed Ali Khan, Dost Muhammad Saqib Bhatti, Kainat Ali, Mona Sahar


Health related issues have been regarded as one of the major problems which directly impact quality of life of an individual and development of the nation. Healthy population is attractive in all countries and healthcare is the one of the most widely concerned topic in research. The objective of study is to introduce a system through which people can diagnose and treat their minor illness such as cold or diarrhea. In this paper, a virtual general physician system approach is proposed using artificial intelligence. K-Nearest neighbor algorithm which is a part of artificial intelligence is used for disease diagnosing. This virtual general physician system can diagnose the diseases based on symptoms. It collects the symptoms from patient in the form of Yes or No. Four categories can be diagnosed by the systems which include Respiratory Tract/Viral infections, Gastrointestinal Tract/Stomach infections, Fever, Headache. Each category include some diseases which the system can detect or diagnose like in Viral infections (Flu, Tonsillitis, Cold and Pneumonia), Respiratory infections (Acute Diarrhea, Dysentery, Food Poisoning and Gastroenteritis), Fevers (Dengue, Malaria, Viral and Chikungunya) and Headaches (Migraine and Cluster Headache). The goal of this system is to assist patients get their treatment without going to the clinic and to reduce the doctor’s effort, time and working.


Artificial Intelligence; Health care, Virtual, Physician, System

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