Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Knowledge Society: Increasing the Safety Level by Use of Learning based on Wargaming Expertise

Dorel Badea, Marin Marian Coman, Dumitru Iancu, Olga Bucoveţchi


The linearity of processes is no longer valid only for strictly defined intervals, the decisionmakers being forced to explore and exploit other sources and options for imposing a predicted management order in accordance with standards, procedures, policies, etc. Given the socio-technical particularities of organizations that own or manage critical infrastructures with direct implications for risk management activities, it is necessary to conduct theoretical and practical actions for testing their sensitivity by taking in consideration the variation of external factors (geo-climacterics, politics, military, economic factors, etc.) for verifying and validating the decisional variants structured at the operational management level. No matter the level of organizational maturity, the possible solutions for achieving this goal must be optimal from the point of view of the cost-effectiveness ratio and, in the same time, they should converge to a paradigmatic potential for valorizing in a timely and judicious manner the most important component of the organizational capability - the human resource. In this context, the education for sustainability becomes the objective function that needs to be optimized. As a methodological framework for learning and internalizing the procedures that should become an operating standard, the conceptual modeling and simulation are very well suited and the serious games can be chosen as an implementation tool. Therefore, the military organization has been selected as a model of good practice where the training is conducted through simulation and wargaming. When we should analyze the acquisition process of knowledge, the military organization is the proper choice because it offers a series of advantages by the way of transforming the real situation into elements of simulation and by an easy transfer of the gained experience into the real context.


Critical Infrastructure; Security, Wargame; Knowledge

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