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Gabriela Tabacaru


The aim of this journal is to create links between researchers from apparently different scientific fields, such as Computer Science and Neurology. In fact, there are a lot of topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences that can intersect in the study of the brain and its intelligent functions. Our journal contains (in the BRAINovations and BRAINStorming sections) peerreviewed articles. These articles should be original, unpublished articles of the authors. The peer review process is a blind one. The reviewers are well recognized scientists who are part of our scientific board, and also independent reviewers. Some innovative young researchers from around the world had the idea to edit and publish the BRAIN journal in order to make an agora of interdisciplinary study of the brain. Young scientists and seniors in artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences and neurology fields are expected to publish their original works in our journal.

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