Redesigning a Flexible Material Master Data Application with Language Dependency

Mihaela Muntean, Cornelia Muntean


Based on some inconveniences identified within a material master data application of the
SAP MM module, the current paper proposes an alternative technical solution for designing the
popup layout screen of the material master data application with respect to language dependency.
The application should present the text of all tabs, areas and fields in the desired language based on
the user logon preferences. Also it has been implemented a possibility to sort the data in the desired
order, so the customer isn’t forced, as before, to search for a certain field, when updating certain
materials. The proposed solution suggests the use of five database tables, combined within three
maintenance views, which build a view cluster. The advantage of the redesigned application consists
of easier maintainability of the data (fields, areas and tabs can be easily added, deleted, reordered
and renamed) and all the data within the view cluster can be translated into any language supported
by the system.


Material Master Data Application, language dependency, maintenance view, view cluster

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