On the Idea of a New Artificial Intelligence Based Optimization Algorithm Inspired From the Nature of Vortex

Utku Kose, Ahmet Arslan


In this paper, the idea of a new artificial intelligence based optimization algorithm, which is inspired from the nature of vortex, has been provided briefly. As also a bio-inspired computation algorithm, the idea is generally focused on a typical vortex flow / behavior in nature and inspires from some dynamics that are occurred in the sense of vortex nature. Briefly, the algorithm is also a swarm-oriented evolutional problem solution approach; because it includes many methods related to elimination of weak swarm members and trying to improve the solution process by supporting the solution space via new swarm members. In order have better idea about success of the algorithm; it has been tested via some benchmark functions. At this point, the obtained results show that the algorithm can be an alternative to the literature in terms of single-objective optimization
solution ways. Vortex Optimization Algorithm (VOA) is the name suggestion by the authors; for this new idea of intelligent optimization approach.


artificial intelligence; optimization; bio-inspired computation; swarm intelligence; evolutional computation; vortex optimization algorithm; vortex

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