The Influence of Bioactive Compounds in Food Products

Ovidiu TIȚA, Anamaria CIUBARA, Mihaela Adriana TIȚA, Maria Adelina CONSTANTINESCU, Alexandru Bogdan CIUBARA


Demand for healthy and nutritious food is growing worldwide. The aim is to produce food products that not only satisfy the need for food but also provide many nutritional benefits to the health of the consumer. The current study aims to produce a food product with high nutritional value. For this purpose, a fresh cow's milk cheese was fortified with grape powder. The amount of powder added was different, with 3 samples plus a control sample in which no powder was added. The resulting products were sensory analysed to determine consumer acceptability. The samples were also analysed physico-chemically and enzymatically, measuring pH, lactose and lactic acid content over a storage period of 14 days. Fresh cow's cheese samples with added grape powder obtained superior results compared to the control sample during the whole storage period. The grape powder added to fresh cow's cheese positively influenced the sensory and enzymatic characteristics of the finished product.


fresh cheese, grape powder, bioactive compounds, sensory analysis, food products

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