Video Game Addiction Among Adolescents

Cezara CRUCIANU, Vladimir POROCH, Lucian Stefan BURLEA, Ovidiu Mihai STEFANESCU, Anamaria CIUBARA


In recent years, the field of video games has developed at an overwhelmingly rapid rate. Worldwide, it has managed to attract more than two billion users, of which the most important percentage was represented by teenagers.

While video gaming is one of the most popular leisure activities, it has been proven that it poses some potential threats to the physical and mental health.

This study aims to identify the positive and negative effects associated with the excessive playing of video games.

It has been found that there are many misconceptions about the impact of video games on health. Research focused on the negative effects found serious consequences such as: reduced physical activity, vision problems, reduced patience, decreased concentration, depression, anxiety, aggression and sleep disturbances. However, recent studies have also recognized the potential benefits. These include: developing social skills, boosting mood, increasing self-confidence, developing problem-solving skills and spatial imagination.

In conclusion it is important continuing the research and collaboration among professionals in the field to improve the outcomes and treatment for those affected.


video games, addiction, technology, computer, devices;

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