Innovative Models for Integrative Prenatal Care

Simona Raluca IACOBAN, Madalina PIRON-DUMITRASCU, Ioan Dumitru SUCIU, Dragos CRETOIU, Nicolae SUCIU


In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, integrative care delivery stands at the forefront of pioneering change, particularly in prenatal care. This comprehensive narrative review delves into the development of innovative models for integrative prenatal care, such as telemedicine-integrated home monitoring systems, mental health apps, virtual reality, artificial intelligence-powered predictive analytics and blockchain for secure health data management, proposing a paradigm shift from traditional methodologies to a more holistic, technology-empowered approach. We explore the interplay between cutting-edge technological advancements and interdisciplinary collaboration in crafting a care model that is patient-centric and adaptable to diverse healthcare settings. Moreover, key areas where integration can be significantly enhanced such as  telemedicine, patient education, and continuous monitoring were identified, emphasizing the importance of synergy between medical expertise, patient engagement, and technology, aiming to improve outcomes for both mother and child and argue that the future of prenatal care lies in embracing innovation, flexibility, and inclusivity, setting a new standard in healthcare delivery. This work offers practical insights for healthcare professionals and policymakers aspiring to transform prenatal care into a more effective, accessible, and patient-friendly experience.


healthcare technology; innovation; prenatal care; telemedicine; virtual reality; artificial intelligence; blockchain.

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