Innovative Trends in Educational Management in a Globalized World: Organizational Neuroscience

Nataliia Sas, Irina Mosiakova, Olena Zharovska, Oleh Bilyk, Tetiana Drozd, Lidiia Shlikhtenko


The article discusses the problems and prospects of personally centric and, partly, technological reforms in the management of Ukrainian educational institutions in the context of innovation and leading global trends.

The main idea of the article is to deploy the concept that institutionalized education is self-regulated by local actors and relies on the human proactive motivated resource of teachers and students with minimal implementation from above.

The purpose of the article was to investigate three aspects of education management: innovative global trends, problems of current education management in Ukraine and recommendations and methodological advice for such management.

The authors used mainly theoretical methods of literature selection by keywords, system analysis of this literature, methods of summarizing - generalizing - classifying principles, methods and forms of education management, as well as the method of design and educational modeling to provide specific recommendations and advice.

The result of the article was a synthesis of the latest global trends in educational management, which we summarized in 12 key points; argumentation of challenges and obstacles to innovative management of educational institutions in Ukraine, identification of destructive factors in the way of this management and provision of outline recommendations for reform.


Borizontal interaction, deinstitutionalization, anthropocentric concept, resources, methodological lacunas, problems and recommendations.

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