The Perception of Physical Activity / Physical Education Among University Employees

Florin-Valentin Leuciuc, Andreea Gabriela Boca, Ileana Petrariu, Iulian-Ştefan Holubiac, Roxana-Melania Leuciuc


Questionnaires are an effective way to assess the level of physical activity. The aim of our study was to assess subjectively the physical activity of university employees by using a self-report scale. The online self-report questionnaire used in our study was applied anonymously in October 2021 and was completed by 126 respondents. To analyze the results, we used analysis of variance and Bonferroni post hoc test for the groups (gender, occupation, area of residence, level of study, and age) included in our research. The analysis by gender revealed that females were more active than males. Participants from rural areas were the most active group in our study compared to those from urban areas, who recorded one of the smallest values. Statistical significance was achieved in all analyses. This study assessed the level of physical activity among university employees, and the results of our analysis showed that over 78% of the participants met the requirements of moderate to high-level physical activity according to the guidelines. Our results and data analysis suggest that the perception of physical activity / physical education in the daily life of university employees is high, but professional activity and leisure time prevail in their schedule.


adults; physical exercise; profession; questionnaire.

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