Logopedic Technologies in Work with Children with Special Educational Needs

Yevheniia Lyndina, Tetiana Soloviova, Lidiia Tkachenko, Olena Bielova, Liudmyla Lisova, Yuliia Buhera


The scientific substantiation of motor sphere examination as one of the important components of complex pedagogical examination of children with speech disorders is considered.

The article considers the problem of application of speech therapy technologies for preschool children with special educational needs. On the basis of theoretical analysis of sources of the problem, as well as practical experience of work with such children the necessity of multidisciplinary approach to the organization of their speech therapy support. Algorithms of variant technologies of speech therapy support of preschool children with delayed speech development and developmental disorders are given.

The importance of involving parents of preschool children with special educational needs in joint activities with a speech therapist is given. Particular attention is paid to the need for diagnostics of the child's speech development.

The problem of organization of joint work of a speech therapist and parents bringing up a child with special educational needs is revealed. The ways of solving problems arising in such families are shown. The necessity of timely and systematic correctional and speech therapy work is pointed out.


Speech Therapy, Children with Special Developmental Needs, Speech Disorder, Correctional Technologies, Motor Functions

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