Psychological Features of Adolescent Children's Tolerance Development as an Actual Problem of Inclusive Practice

Oleksandr Kozynets, Serhii Korniev, Vira Ponomarova, Natalia Maliarchuk, Olha Polovyk, Iryna Shcherbakova


One of the indicators of psychological safety of an inclusive educational environment is the tolerance of adolescent children. The article presents the consideration of this indicator through the prism of tolerance, which allowed us to identify three types of attitudes of junior schoolchildren with normotype development to those developing atypically: intolerant (negative), neutral, tolerant (positive). The identified types of tolerant attitude of junior schoolchildren are correlated with the levels of interaction: pre-subject, subject-object, subject-subject (activity-value and polysubject). The empirical research that allowed to reveal the prevailing types of attitude and corresponding levels of interaction of junior schoolchildren: neutral attitude – subject-object type of interaction and tolerant attitude – activity-value type of interaction with obvious deprivation of the polysubject type of interaction is presented. The article clarifies the concept of tolerance towards children with special educational needs. The article reveals the indicators and levels of teacher's competence in fostering tolerance of junior schoolchildren in relation to peers with special educational needs. The article defines the psychological features of adolescent children with different types of pathological disorder; investigates the role of psychological safety of inclusive educational environment in the formation of tolerance of adolescent children; makes a structural and functional analysis of tolerance of adolescent children as a relevant problem of inclusive practice; defines the role of the teacher in the formation of tolerance of adolescent children as a relevant problem of inclusive practice.


Special Educational Needs, Competence in Tolerance Education, Inclusive Competence, Levels of Competence, Indicators of Tolerance, Tasks in the Field of Tolerance Education.

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