Art Therapy as an Effective Means of Overcoming Stress: Neurophysiological Features

Vira Kramchenkova, Victoriia Nazarevych, Marianna Kompanovych, Iryna Boreichuk, Tetiana Dziuba, Anastasiia Panasiuk


The article presents the results of research into the use of the most effective means to overcome stress in children and adults, in particular, the use of art therapy. The relevance of the study is determined by the need to build stress resistance in crisis situations, which are a fairly common phenomenon in the context of modern problems.

The study defined the essence of the concepts of "fear", "anxiety" and "art therapy". Aspects related to the impact of stress on children, its causes, and the main trends in overcoming it were formed. The work describes art therapy as one of the most effective methods of preventing stress and building stress resistance. The results of the study confirm the hypothesis regarding the use of art therapy as a method of overcoming stress and at the same time as prevention. The most effective means of overcoming stress have been determined, in particular fairy-tale therapy, art therapy, etc. The causes of stress as neurophysiological features in a child were also investigated. The prerequisites and factors of stressful situations are characterized. Methods of synthesis, analysis, research, scientific and descriptive methods were used to ensure an effective research result. The research became the basis for determining ways to overcome stress, for the formation of effective means of diagnosis and psychocorrection. To determine effective approaches to overcoming stress, scientific research on the problem was analyzed and features were determined. The results of the study became the basis for establishing the features of stress in crisis conditions, analyzing the most effective methods of overcoming stress, describing neurophysiological factors that cause stress, and characterizing art therapy as the most effective method of overcoming stress. The article is the result of research and analysis of scientific intelligence on the specified problem.


Fear, Neurophysiological Features, Stress Resistance, Ways to Overcome Stress, Psychological State

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