A Child-Centered Approach to the Organization of the Educational Process in the New Ukrainian Elementary School of Neuropsychology

Oksana Bilier, Olha Vasko, Viktoriia Hrynko, Oleksandr Melnyk, Tetiana Hurkova, Liudmyla Korolova


The educational process in the new Ukrainian elementary school is characterized by many specific neuropsychological features and aspects. It requires from the teacher significant knowledge and skills in the field of organization, management and modernization of the educational process, as well as in the sphere of interaction with the children of the new Ukrainian elementary school. A key trend in today's education in the new Ukrainian elementary school is the child-centered approach, individualization and personality-centered approach, which focuses on the fact that the core of the educational process becomes the student, his abilities, individual neuropsychological capabilities, potential as a learning and creative. The child-centered approach to the organization of the educational process in the new Ukrainian elementary school has become a natural and natural phenomenon that accompanies the learning process in the last few years, which is caused by the rapid processes of globalization. The child-centered approach allows to focus the attention of teachers, psychologists, sociologists, and educational managers on the key problem of the current world - education of a healthy civil society, self-confident, capable of self-care, self-actualization, and professional and personal formation. All these processes begin at the moment when the child is in the first stage of education, receives primary information about the world, about himself, others and reality.


Individualization of Learning, Personal Approach, Updating Approaches, Innovative Changes, Psychological Processes.

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