Relationship between Feelings and Risk of Burnout Syndrome to the Medical Staff in the Emergency Department of Galați Hospital During the Covid 19 Pandemic Period

Cosmina-Alina Moscu, Virginia Marina, Aurelian-Dumitrache Anghele, Mihaela Anghele, Liliana Dragomir, Anamaria Ciubara


Introduction: Burnout syndrome is a manifestation of chronic stress caused by occupational stressors. The large number of patients infected with SARS Covid 2 has had a particular psychological impact on medical staff in Emergency Departments and only.

Material and Methods: This was a descriptive study, of medical staff in the Emergency Department of the Galati County Emergency Hospital, which is in the front line in the fight against coronavirus. All 120 participants signed an informed consent form and then completed a socio-demographic questionnaire, self-designed questionnaire to identify feelings experienced at work during Covid- 19 Pandemic and the MBI - HSS (MP) (Maslach Burnout Inventory) to assess their burnout level.

Results: The study found that 45% of the subjects were at high risk of Burnout. Medical staff in the Emergency Department show a degree of Burnout syndrome directly proportional to their experience in the field.

Conclusions: The prevalence of Burnout syndrome in the Emergency Department is high, more than half of the physicians suffer from a high level of Burnout. Older age and less experience in the field and female gender are predictive factors for Burnout syndrome. Self-reported risk factors are increased overtime, workload, bureaucracy, lack of sleep, lack of respect from patients and colleagues, fear of exposure to the virus and patient care. Self-reported feelings of exhaustion, stress, and depression are dependent on symptoms of Burnout syndrome



Burnout, Prevalence, Professional, Emergency Department, MBI-HSS (MP)

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