National Strategy of Information Society in the Realities of Ukraine

Nataliia Shust, Nataliia Semen, Khrystyna Bilohrats, Bozhena Ivanytska, Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Oksana Hotsur


This article examines the development of a national strategy for the information society in the realities of Ukraine. The contemporary trend of civilizational development is the informatization of society and all aspects of its life. The development of concepts for the functioning of the information society for Ukraine is becoming the crucial assignment of socio-political development of the contemporary  state,  which should be based on science, innovation and advanced technologies, as well as culture and creativity.

Domestic digital capital is in the process of formation, while digital technologies are the driving force of socio-economic development, due to the large-scale penetration of information and communication technologies everywhere. A characteristic resource of the information society is characterized by accurate, reliable, truthful and timely information. The expansion of the use of digital platforms, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence stimulates the creation of a digital economy in Ukraine.

The development of the information society requires the integration of digital and business ecosystems.

The creation of information infrastructure within business ecosystems, the expansion of services and intangible production as a result of advancement in the field of technology will guide to the transformation of Ukrainian society and the achievement of a high level of informatization.


Information infrastructure, innovations, innovative development, Digital Adoption Index, Global Innovation Index, innovation ecosystems.

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