Technologies of Visualization of Educational Material - One of the Ways to Form Information Competence

Olena Stepanenko, Hryhorii Dzhevaha, Iryna Holiiad, Olha Miroshnikova, Volodymyr Dynko, Olha Lilik


The urgency of the article lies in the substantiation of the importance of using visualization technology in the process of education in the current period, defining the difference between this technology and the principle of visualization at the lesson in the today's educational institution. The article covers the concept of information competence and its components, describes techniques of visualization technology of teaching material, aimed at forming this competence. Special attention is paid to the methods of visualization at a lesson for the purpose of better knowledge assimilation. The article also describes different ways of visualization of educational information as a prerequisite for successful teaching of school subjects. The data contained in the article are the results of the analysis of digital services of visualization of educational content and the study of methodological foundations for the use of all kinds of information visualization tools at different stages of learning during the present lesson. The article covers in detail the most modern ways and means of information visualization, including mental maps, timelines, etc., because enormous information flows require the ability to assess this information, to determine its reliability and trustworthiness, to determine the main thing in it. The content of the article is of practical importance for teachers of today's schools.



Digital services, visualization of learning information, mental maps, timelines, multimedia presentations.

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