The Mediating Role of Social Support in the Relationship between Operational Stress and Well-Being in Military Personnel

Ana-Diana BALCAN


Introduction. Little is known about the activity of the military gendarmes in south-eastern Europe, which involves managing high-risk missions. In order to understand the factors underlying well-being in this population, the aim was to examine the relationship between operational stress and well-being, as well as the mediating role of social support and coping strategies. Methodology. This a cross-sectional corellational study of the relationship between perceived operational stress and well-being. Moreover, the mediating role of social support and coping strategies (seeking social support, positive reassessment, self-control) was examined. Results. Stress has a significant negative effect on well-being. Social support, but not the coping strategies, acts as a mediator of the relationship between operational stress and well-being. Discussions and conclusions.The results have implications for improving the overall well-being of military gendarmes, by developing intervention strategies focused on raising awareness of the importance of social support, increasing perceptions of available support, understanding supplier value and developing skills to provide support within the military organization.


operational stress; well-being; social support; coping strategies; self-control; military gendarmes

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