Yoga and the States of Consciousness. A Perspective of M. Eliade on the Yoga Phenomenon

Marius CUCU, Oana LENŢA


In this paper we seek to emphasize the relevance of Eliade's research beyond time, to see why meditation would be useful for the mind of the contemporary man in search of inner balance. Thus, we will analyze the Hindu metaphysical concepts and principles on which Yoga was developed, the distinctions between Yoga-sutra, as a central theoretical and practical current, and secondary typologies, and how the reader can position himself to make progress in probing yogic reality or fact anchored in the dynamics of the unconscious, from the perspective of Mircea Eliade and some researchers passionate about this field.


Yoga; Hinduism; Brahma; Vedas; liberation; the desire-suffering circularity; anxiety; depression; mental health

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