A Firefighter Saving Virtual Addictions

Bogdan Pavlovici


Virtual addiction is, like all addictions, first and foremost an attempt to find a SOLUTION by a patient, faced with a problem in their relationship to the world, to others or to themselves. This attempt at a solution, not being the best, becomes a PROBLEM in a second step.

Very often, the solution can emerge from the problem if it is well identified, via systemic modelling (modelling of the relationship between the individual and the relational system that surrounds him). So, the questioning techniques specific to systemists and so-called “brief” therapists and hypnotic techniques (including HTSMA, EMDR) are an excellent means by which a therapist can help treat his patient.

We see in the clinical illustration above that starting from the external screen to which the child is addicted and repatriating it inside oneself, and making it a "psychic working screen", will be able to quickly improve the symptoms.


hypnosis, brief therapy, systemic therapy, addiction

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