Prerequisites for Creating Textbooks for Auxiliary Schools: Correctional Psychopedagogy for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Liudmyla Chepurna, Yuliia Bondarenko, Oleg Lisovets, Iryna Kuzava, Larysa Odynchenko, Tetiana Dehtiarenko


The history of the use of school textbooks as a special teaching tool dates back more than two centuries. Throughout its existence, the textbook has played a significant role in teaching students. It records the amount of knowledge, skills and abilities to be acquired in the learning process. The textbook is a special didactic object, which is both a carrier of the content of education, forms of recording its various elements and a project of the educational process. It implements the substantive and procedural aspects of learning in their organic unity, because the content of education and the learning process are closely interrelated, without each other impossible. One of the important areas of research in the history of pedagogy is the study of the history of school textbooks, a phenomenon that has come a long way in history, and at the present stage is an important tool for learning. The didactic functions of the school textbook are determined: informational, consolidation and control, systematization, self-education, integrating, coordinating, reference, developmental and educational. It is established that foreign and domestic correctional pedagogy has accumulated some experience in the practical creation of textbooks for the auxiliary school. Most of all in Ukraine it concerns textbooks on native language and reading. It was found that the formation and development of textbooks for children with intellectual disabilities in Ukraine were not the subject of a comprehensive analysis that would overcome the fragmentary historical and pedagogical knowledge to understand the historical experience gained in Ukraine and help identify the most progressive ideas and provide useful material for use by authors of textbooks in modern conditions.


sensorimotor education, abnormal children, development of defectology, special education, psychophysical development, didactic functions

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