COVID-19 Influence and Future Perspectives of Artificial Intelligence on the Labour Market

Victor Alexandru Briciu, Arabela Briciu


The objective of this short communication is suggested by the labour market that has become very unpredictable and it is difficult to say what it will look like in five, 10 years or even more. New jobs appear, while others disappear. And all this is happening against a background in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly important role and it would be very difficult for us to imagine our lives without it, especially since robots save lives today. Technology has become a necessity, many jobs have changed due to robotics, and we must evolve and adapt with it, even though the new rules that came with the onset of restrictions and mutations in the labour market due to the new coronavirus pandemic that spread worldwide. The main idea reflects the possibilities reflected by the Singularity Hypothesis, as new intelligent technologies may alter our human lives and eliminate some jobs, change others and create completely new job categories, but as long as we know the opportunities are there for us, we need to be proactive by providing the skills for the future.


labour market; future jobs; Covid-19 Influence; Artificial Intelligence; skills; Singularity Hypothesis

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