Pedagogical Design of the Content of Professional Training of Teachers of General Technical Disciplines and Methods of Teaching Technology



Professional training of masters in higher education institutions, its effectiveness is largely determined by the level of pedagogical design of the training content of future teachers of general technical disciplines and teaching methods of technology, since it is the content that is designed to ensure the formation of a personality that has not only a system of special knowledge and professional actions, but also differs in formation professionally important competencies, the appropriate level of qualifications, taking into account world and European quality standards while maintaining national achievements and priorities, as well as capable of fruitful teaching activities in modern conditions. According to the results of the study it can be stated: when designing the content of training masters of technological education it is necessary to take into account the general principles of building the content of education and the principles of updating the content of training to the requirements of time; designing the content component of integrated modules of psychological-pedagogical and special-subject training involves determining their goals and objectives, selection of innovative content for each topic of the content module, selection of forms, methods and technologies of its implementation, determination of evaluation criteria and system of diagnostics of success of undergraduates; the content component of professional training of masters of technological education must contain knowledge and experience of innovative psychological-pedagogical and technical-technological activity of a teacher in the system of higher educational institution; the effectiveness of the content of professional training of future teachers of general technical disciplines and methods of teaching technology is determined by the effectiveness of professional activity, which can be characterized as the formation of professional and pedagogical competence, ability to professional and pedagogical self-development and self-improvement.


master's degree training; higher education institutions; personality formation; professional competencies; self-development and self-improvement; content effectiveness

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