Topspin’s Influence on the Spine in Female Juniors III in Table Tennis

Daniel-Andrei IORDAN, Mircea-Dan MOCANU, Claudiu MEREUTA


The consolidation of topspin, the most prolific technical & tactical element in the attack’s area, requires, besides the daily training and efficient biomechanics, an optimal health of the osteo-articular and muscular system, due to the fact that the performance of this element requires forceful speed developed throughout the muscle chain. The purpose of the present scientific research is to identify the problems occurred at spine level resulted following to topspin attack and the importance of this technical element in the female junior’s performance. The social enquiry-based survey was conducted on a number of 27 coaches and athletes, using a number of 15 questions. Objectives: optimization of topspin attack in 11-12 years old female juniors. Premises: the knowledge on statistics of spine specific areas generating pain at the time of the attack will allow us to create a postural correction program meant to optimize performance. Research methods: The registration method was based on an opinion poll, on a statistical and mathematical method, on computer graphics method. Conclusion: around 78% of the interviewed specialists consider that the lumbar area is the most affected and predisposed to pain in case of topspin, existing a strong correlation between it and the technical element considered to be the most important in the attack phase (topspin – 66.67%) in female juniors, p =  0.003 < α = 0.05, V = 0.620 and C = 0.659.


postural correction; table tennis; topspin; attack; female juniors;

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