Pan-Demon, Emergency Reconfiguration. Peda-gogy, Art, Humanity

Vasilica BĂLĂIŢĂ, Andreea DARIE


The new pandemic times reveal, besides the dysfunctions of the health system, a profound and prolonged shortage of material and human resources, as well as psychical blockages, fears and all kinds of weaknesses that we are now forced to confront, being alone with ourselves and inside ourselves. And what is it that causes these meetings, these long adjourned encounters?

If it is true that being political means integrating into the superstructure of political consciousness of a state, then solidarity can be considered the first political gesture of the Academic Artistic Community in Iasi. At the end of the pandemic, the main function of this facility will be to recover the memory of an event that took place on a global scale.

Equally, it could be the beginning of the study in a new type of theatrical performance, addressing post-pandemically people massively affected mentally, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.


Pan-Demon; performative; module; art; therapy;

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