Death Obsession in Anton Holban’s Novels

Adelina Lascu (Beldugan)


Love, death, jealousy, detailed psychological analysis of innerself, intimacy study, music, the sea, the exacerbated pride of the protagonist, superiority or inferiority complex, the lucidity with which he examines the experiences are central themes of Anton Holban's works. Some of them are uniquely developed in an obsessive manner in each novel. Undoubtedly, the underlying obsession with death stands at the basis of Holban's creations. Most of the characters have different views regarding death, depending on temperament or cultural level. This does not wonder anybody taking into consideration the concern about the death accounted along the years, which has become a topic of interest to most people not because of the mystery that it generates, but rather because what happens after the great crossing. The semantic field of death is present in most of Holban's works. Words like cemetery, grave, icons, funeral, sick, sickness, pain, suicide, body, and death are used obsessively.

Keywords: obsession, death, mystery, psychological analysis, love

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