A Study on Multiple Strategies Instruction and Learners' Writing Achievements

Fatemeh Mohseny Asl



There has been a growing interest toward the effective writing instruction in a way to support learners to become confident and independent, making explicit to the students how to go about the learning process can serve to increase learners’ strategies, thus improve their motivation. It heightens students’ awareness of writing strategies in enhancing their writing quality and quantity. Furthermore, teaching multiple prewriting strategies can be considered as a fruitful platform to embark on the complex process of writing. In this way, the current study aimed to explore the effect of explicit instruction of three prewriting strategies on the learners’ writing achievement. To this end, 42 intermediate students participated in this study, 28 students in two experimental groups received a treatment and the results compared to their 14 counterparts in the control group. The results revealed that the explicit instruction of prewriting strategies greatly optimized the writing achievements of students in two experimental groups and proven to be effective in this regard. The findings have some implications for language instruction and suggest that the implementation of explicit strategy instruction by the teacher can make a world of difference for students in the process of learning.

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