Innovation Management and Organisation Development. Empirical Study of Nigeria Banking System

B. O. Babatunde, Y. S. Adebisi


Innovation management is a new concept that every companies and countries all over the world are now giving strong consideration and priority. But it took longer than expected for the developing countries especially in Africa, to acknowledge the importance of innovation to the growth of a company and the development of an economy. It has been argued that innovation is the engine room of all economies, and this had propelled the researcher to look at the importance of innovation by taking a research study on “innovation management and organizational development”, using United Bank for African Plc as a case study. The researcher had selected and tested two(2) hypotheses using chi-square method. The study revealed that for any organization to achieve the purpose of its establishment of profit maximization and going concern, and to increase its level of productivity, service delivery and sales turnover and remain in the market as leader such company must be able to introduce new innovation and manage effectively changes that occur in their industry and environment. The findings of this research study has propelled the researcher to recommend that banking industries should maintain a continuous and effective R and D department and should allow all its staff to act as agents of change by giving them equal and free hands to operate. This will increase the level of innovativeness and productivity.
Keywords: Innovation Management, Development, Modern technology and Chi-Square analysis.

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