The robot – a robot doesn’t ask for food…

A robot doesn’t ask for salary increase, nor vacation and it doesn’t need a sick leave. If it suffers an accident and a piece of it needs to be “amputated”, it is replaced with another one from the manufacturer. If you have 4 robots of this kind and, at some point, product demand decreases, you can unplug two robots. They won’t get upset and they won’t ask for unemployment benefits. In the end, when you don’t need them anymore, you can give them to be melted without caring about their faith or pension.

robotHard times are coming for us, people, that in our jobs, repeat what others have created. Hard times are coming for us who learnt to perfectly execute the procedures. Robots will replace us for sure!

Some people will obviously prosper in this new world too. Yes, the creators will prosper. The innovators will prosper! But most of us will not be among these innovators because we didn’t really like to study!

Hard times are coming…times when masters won’t need soldiers to defeat hunger revolts because they will have robots!

Niki Vrânceanu (translated by Elena Golăi)