The Study of Written Errors of Iranian EFL Pre-university Learners: A Case Study

Sarah Yousefi


Learning a new language, especially the English language, can be very problematic for us, and since knowledge of a foreign language is a great achievement in our lives, paving the path of language learning and making the whole process easier for language learners would be a great help from teachers and researchers. The researcher of the present study tried to focus on errors Iranian EFL learners make in their writing tasks and to find out what their perceptions are regarding the errors they probably make in their writings even before starting a writing task. The researcher finally concluded that students' most frequently occurred error was in using Articles, and the least common one was in using Present Perfect tense. Having done other statistical calculations, the researcher concluded that the students believed they would display an average level of performance in using grammatical lessons they had been taught, and finally the students perceptions about errors before doing the writing tasks only matched errors in using future tense, possessive, simple past, order in a sentence, present perfect, countable and non-countable nouns.

Keywords: Language Learning, Error, Second Language Acquisition, EFL Learner, Essay

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