T. S. Eliot in the Albanian Literature and Culture

Enkelena Shockett (Qafleshi)


In this article, I attempt to investigate how the multiplicity of readings develops various translations of the same text, how the translated versions strive to keep the same, or almost the same authenticity, authority and genuineness like the source text they come from, how text analysis explains the variants which are the products of readings and how mismatches, if ever
found by exercising close reading on the source text, justify them either theoretically or practically, as they express the tendencies that these readings never end. On the contrary, they are subjected to constant interpretations, which evoke manipulations. In order to accomplish this, I will refer to The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock written by T.S. Eliot and its translated versions in the Albanian language and culture pointing how the English linguistic imperialism has affected the Albanian linguistic realm.
Key words: cultural mediator, calqued loans, English linguistic imperialism, text analysis, mismatches.

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