Corruption – A Major Global Problem

Elena Cristina Pană, Ileana Nișulescu



Corruption in the public sector is seen by citizens and public authorities as a major problem for the of system integrity across Europe.

The aim of the work was to perform a comparative analysis in terms of corruption in EU globally in 2014, with emphasis on institutionalized corruption. Variables were used on the dynamics of corruption, such as the index of perception of corruption and the corruption level  in public institutions. In this regard, we used surveys initiated by Transparency International, Global Integrity and the European Commission and DNA. It is not to be neglected the answer to the question Why have you not reported an incident of corruption? 58% of Romanians said it would not make any difference, and 20% of respondents said they fear the consequences.

Comprehensive anti-corruption policy is expressed in the most efficient manner, through a national program to prevent corruption, articulated in sector prevention strategies directed towards the most vulnerable targets: politics, administration and justice.

Keywords: public institutions, transparency, corruption, perception index of corruption, the corruption level in institutions.

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